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Nov 26, 2013 5:30pm PST
is accused of using a new weapon against civilians-- starvation. clarissa ward reports many of the victims are children. and seth doane goes undercover to expose chinese counterfeiters specializing in art. >> no artist wants to find that someone has taken their stuff and is passing it off as their own. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. on the eve of the thanksgiving holiday getaway, there is trouble for travelers. a storm system that began in the west last week is now heading into the northeast with rain, wind, snow, and ice. 1,300 flights have been canceled since the weekend. this is a live look at airports in new york, cleveland, and nashville, where some folks are looking to make an early escape. this satellite view will give you an idea of just how big this storm is. as you can see, it covers much of the country. it's already blamed for at least 11 deaths. we have three reports tonight with more than three million people expected to fly this weekend, we're going to begin with manuel bojorquez at the airport in atlanta
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Nov 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
joining us have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorr tomorrow. lou: on the day that america celebrating our veterans, and honors their sacrifice for our freedoms, the united states marine corps among first on the ground in the philippines searching efficient survivors, bringing aid in hundreds of thousands displaced in aftermath of one of the largest storms the world has seen, i am lou dobbs. lou: good evening, the united states military has dispatched aid and troops to some areas that were hardest hit by typhoon haiyan. a storm check pert call, one of the most powerful in history, c-130 transplanes loaded with water, generators, foods and u.s. marines arrived in the city of ta taclabox n where they have reports of as many as 10,000. >> every building in the city was either destroyed or serially damaged. the devastation jaw drops, pentagon on stand by for any additional requests from the filipino government, and announcing moments ago that carrier, uss george washington has been dispatched to the region, the hilippines, one of america's longest asian allies und
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Nov 8, 2013 7:00pm EST
have the latest for us. >> john kerry made a last-minute arrival in geneva and gave us the impression that a deal with iran was imminent. but john kerry was also joined by his fellow european ministers put brakes on the buzz. >> we hope to try to know and narrow those differences. but i don't think that anyone should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be close. in the meantime, benjamin netanyahu wasn't hiding his disdain for the as yet to be concluded deal of. >> this is a bad deal. a very, very bad deal. it is a very dangerous and bad deal the details which remain secret boil down to how much iran will make its program were transparent and how much the world powers and windows must loosen the sanctions. iran's foreign minister has been saying he has his own tea party to go at home in the obama administration faces sanctions either to add rrther than subtract sanctions on iran. meanwhile, in iran, president ronnie was elected to improve relations with the world and they are very few people authorized to discuss the sensitive nuclear issue. but one academic at thi
Nov 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
their loved ones, jason carroll, cnn, new york. >>> and joining us now with the latest, nick valencia, at the dallas/ft. worth national airport, and chad myers, our meteorologist, chad, the storm is just getting started, what can we expect in the next couple of days? >> yeah, we're in a lull, as the storm spread over texas and new mexico, it kind of stalled over the gulf of mexico, running up the east coast. what we'll expect, wolf, if you're on this side of the storm which most people will be here, from new york down to d.c. and raleigh, all rain, below that, ice, the snow, the cold middle, warm. that is the issue, depending on where you're going, how far you're traveling. if you're driving a lot of these interstates will be the mess, as the lull comes out of the gulf, bringing rain and moisture with it. already it is cold in buffalo, pittsburgh, cleveland, down into columbus, ohio, and then the rain and cold will mix together with freezing rain sleet and on the back side, snow. i don't think snow will be the really big problem with this. sure, there could be some in spots like canto
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Nov 7, 2013 1:00pm EST
the whole sector until they mature a little bit. rather be late and make money or be early and to use a lot. adam: i think that device shows that those who wait could have better gains. thank you very much. lori: now that has been trading a couple hours have to the underwriters feel? we will bring it in charlie gasparino. it suggests that money was left on the table? >> they were shooting at a $40 for the open but the looking at the intraday charge is interesting because it suggested opened at 45 but it really all bin dash 499 it has been down ever since. the underwriters want the price any retail or average investor that said this is playing with fire because you will not get a 45 or definitely not at 27 or 26 per you will get it at 48 and it is straight down ever since. that is the problem with the average investor playing the ipo game. i will say it again for the opening printed is important because that is what the little guy is stuck with and you don't get any shares but we should point out the amount of shares is outstanding is so small. that is a problem i think the underwriters did
Nov 7, 2013 3:00pm EST
. news today. a huge deal with netflix. a lot to discuss there. join us for bob iger coming up. >>> let's show you what's happening, though, on wall street. it's been a down day despite the twitter hoof la. down 104 points. was down 138 at the low of the session about 30 minutes ago. right now at 15,642. that's a .66% decline. look at the nasdaq down a percent and a half. it was down 66 points at the low. down 58 right now at 3873. high profile technology stocks taking it on the chin. 1755 has been considered a support level for the s&p. we're below that today. they're watching that very carefully. and bob pisani, of course, you're watching that as well. but i have to give you kudos. a great job this morning on the open on twitter. we were all glued watching you as you were waiting for that first trade to take place. >> thank you, bill. it's not just get for the nyse but good for overall market sentiment to have a smooth opening of such a big name. i'm a little more concerned with what's going on with the overall markets. put up the full screen. twitter is having a great day at $48. it'
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Nov 21, 2013 1:00pm EST
us to enter your money questions. lori: a rally underway. let's head to the stock exchange for a check in with nicole petallides. the s&p looking to snap three days of decline. nicole: the dow is doing great, the s&p 500 holding up. we will see if we can stop the recent declines we've seen, we had uncertainty, back and forth action. the dow went over the line 37 times yesterday. right now 15,974, crossing the 16,000 mark and not sure we have a closing a again, closing record and that will lead the 40th record of the year. let's talk about retailers here, dollar tree and target. these names and down arrows and dollar tree miss their quarterly numbers for the estimates and shares of been dropping, intense competition from wal-mart and the light and target talks about consumers, higher taxes, unemployment, really looking to the gradual economy as one of the reasons they're not meeting their profits. adam: following breaking news in the senate voting to adopt the so-called nuclear option, changing the rules when it comes to filibuster. rich edson in washington with how this cou
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Nov 28, 2013 7:00pm EST
think you for joining us, and we hope you have a safe and happy rest of your holiday. and for those braving the crowds tonight or tomorrow, good luck. ♪ ♪ ♪ lou: president obama is enrollment numbers, it is all bad news for the obama administration. i am lou dobbs. hello, everyone. severely undercutting president obama's credibility an approval rating. a new fox poll shows half of voters believe president obama knowingly lied when he repeatedly told americans that they could keep their plan under his signature health care law. as for the number of americans who have signed on for health care insurance, the initial numbers are woefully short and far below their lowered expectations. 106,000 have enrolled in health care plans in the state and federal exchanges through the first month of obamacare. one fifth of what the officials had projected before the launch of health care dog of and the opening of exchanges accounted for only 27,000 of successful in moments, 80,000 of them originated in state-run insurance exchanges and secretary kathleen sibelius revealed below numbers and t
Nov 29, 2013 10:00am PST
black friday and it's not over yet. right now, tensions are high over the east china sea. u.s. and japanese planes flew into contested air space today. china scrambled fighter jets in response. we'll have the latest live from the pentagon. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello, i'm jim sciutto in washington. wolf blitzer is off today. we begin today with the markets. the dow continuing its record run. trading wrapping up just moments ago. there you see the dow finishing today's holiday shortened session, just about 16,000084. it also finishes out what has been a record breaking month dow topping to the 16,000 milestone for the first time ever. while the nasdaq is now back over 4,000. so we've got records on the dow and the nasdaq and big companies are raking in billions in profits. things seem to be great on wall street. so why aren't folks on main street feeling as confident about the economy and their own financial situation? >> zain asher has new polling numbers. you look at polls, they show our faith in the economy is shaky at best. we're seeing the markets jump
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Nov 1, 2013 7:00pm EDT
of the obamacare rollout are dramatically disappointing for the administration. the white house has been telling us for months that millions of americans have been visiting health, but the house oversight committee released internal notes from meetings that show only six people in total successfully enrolled on the first day enrolled. obamacare is a train wreck that has become a laughingstock as a result. as of today, the white house pushed back expectations, taping them down and jay carney said that we don't expect those numbers to be very high and we never did. ed henry is at the white house with our report. reporter: embarrassed over the rollout of president obama signature domestic achievement that only six people signed up on day one and was criticized by congressman darrell issa. >> there are no doubt there from a contractor about figures. if the website wasn't working on october 1, that is a dog bites man story i said demanded to know why a parade of top officials including kathleen sebelius did not give the information. >> if you have internal numbers and you're not willing to hear
Nov 4, 2013 9:00am PST
fuentes joins us now. i know this is an unusual situation. it's not often that police have that kind of window, that amount of time to intervene in potential lay deadly shooting scenario. what was the text message and what was the warning? >> well, i think, suzanne, from what they're saying about it, is that police were notified there was something wrong with him, and they should check on his well-being. or he had said in his messages, that something bad was going to happen. now imagining or speculating about what the police would do, had they gotten to his apartment before he left and, find if he a apeered healthy, normal and was fairly articulate, i don't know what the next step would have or could have been for the police beyond that. other than to call the parents back and say we checked on him and he's fine. an then he's doing fine and normal. just depressed or upset. you know, like many people often are. i don't know if there was anything in the messages to tell the police he had an access to an assault rifle or whether it was his rifle or someone else's and he was capable of u
Nov 25, 2013 10:00am PST
signed in geneva. joining me deputy security adviser. thank you for being with us today. tell me about back channel talks. they were done without most of our allies knowing, certainly without israel knowing and saudis. what was the reason for these secret negotiations? >> andrea, we've said all along that we would welcome opportunities to have direct contact with iran. over the years whether it's at the united nations through ambassador and other conversations. we said we prepared to have bilateral discussions. any contacts we had did not turn into anything that amounted to negotiations or discussions in substance until the last couple of months. we made it very clear to our partners in europe and the p5 plus 1 as well as israel that if at any point any contacts we had with iran actually turned into substantive discussions and/or negotiations they would be fully informed. indeed that's exactly what happened. all of this was done in the context of the p5 plus 1. >> doesn't that at any rate with israel make it harder for israel and the united states to have a relationship of trust when w
Nov 29, 2013 6:00am EST
this weekend. that's 11 1% more than last year. we have the chief merchandising officer at toys r us. then we'll be joined from tyson's corner, a huge mall in virginia. bobby kotick will be join onning us on air. electronic items are expected to be a big seller this year especially with the launch of the xbox and the new play station consoles. coming up in the next hour, we have terry lundgren. and at 8:40 this morning, the ceo of brooks brothers. we have a packed line upof guests ready to giving us a look at the american consumer. we start with dana telsey this morning. we have heard a lot of stories about some expecting disappointment, some maybe not great retail numbers. but what do you really think is going to happen this holiday season? >> i think it's the season of insurgency. we have six fewers days between thanksgiving and christmas. look at the season started earlier than it ever did before. there are items out there for people to want, whether it's accessories and hand bags and watches. certainly electronics with all the new tablets out there. so overall, it should be a 3% to 3.5% t
FOX News
Nov 25, 2013 3:00am PST
all of us from the bigger story. we're talking about obamacare and a fresh round of problems on this monday morning. >> here we go again. the music world gets political. >> i want to acknowledge trayvon martin and the hundreds and hundreds of kids each year that are dying due to racial profiling. >> all right. that's fascinating. that's not all. katy perry sparking some outrage for an offensive outfit which i believe is japanese-thaoepld according to people in the studio. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> it's time for "fox & friends." >> live from studio e in the heart of midtown manhattan where i look outside and it currently is 23 degrees. >> right. who did you look for maria or did you look at the sign? >> i looked at the sign across the street at the bank. >> those are the most accurate. the banks are. we actually were outside yesterday at soccer playing for two hours. they get old enough, it's not considered bad parenting anymore. they pretty much make their own decisions. >> especially if you're out there with them. >> i can still hear the wind in my head. the win
Nov 19, 2013 6:00pm PST
it. i think scrap the cap is a good slogan for them to use. you're going to find that more and more people are going to be pressing their congressmen about this. >> in a little town, we just raised the minimum wage to $15. it was done by the people. >> that is all for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts now. >>> thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. the various branchs of the united states military all offer a service academy. that's about an hour north of new york city, west point new york. the united states navel academy, it is in a beautiful spot in downtown annapolis, maryland. and then there's the united states air force academy, which is in a societily different part of the country. it's way inland in colorado springs, colorado. colorado springs is really known for two things, it's home to the air force academy with its big airfield and it's massive football stadiums. colorado springs is also home to focus on the family. literally if you walk out the back door of focus on the family and you cross the ronald reagan highway, you're on the landing strip for the
Nov 13, 2013 7:00pm PST
. that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper reports now live from the philippines. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm anderson cooper reporting tonight from tacloban in the philippines. it is thursday morning here, 9:00 a.m. and a new day has begun. in the last several hours there have been some significant developments to tell you about. yesterday i talked to the marine brigadier general paul kennedy who promised he would be able to get this airport, the runway, up and running on a 24-hour basis. he's fulfilled that promise along with air force personnel who were here on the ground last night for the first time aircraft were coming in during the nighttime hours, able to land and offload supplies. we have actually seen an uptick in aid along the side of the runway from usaid, from the malaysian government, from other places. food aid medical supplies, and tarps that people can use for shelter. the problem is getting it out from here at the airport to the surrounding communities that are in such desperate need. and it's not just a question of communities far away. i'm talking about comm
FOX Business
Nov 5, 2013 9:20am EST
's not what the president told us, is it? when middle america takes a hit in an election year, that's a political crisis. headline in the wall street journal, young avoid the new health plans. that's a financial crisis because if they don't pay up, obamacare doesn't work. so, tax the rich? that's the question in many of the election races all around the country today. "varney & company" is about to begin. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ and this park is the inside of your body. see, the special psyllium fir in metamucil actually gels to trap some carbs to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. metamucil. 3 amazing benefits in 1 super fiber. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. stuart: call it a
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Nov 20, 2013 7:00pm EST
that is my "two cents more". that is that for tonight's "willis report." thank you for joining us and don't forget to dvr the show if you cannot catch us live. we will see you back here tomorrow. [applause] ♪ lou: president obama's public approval rating has sunk to the lowest level of his presidency just one year after being reelected. his public disapproval rating has risen to the highest level of his presidency and unfortunately for the president, there is no evidence of a political or policy success either at home or abroad. the mako. ♪ lou: good evening, everyone, the obamacare train wreck in the president's efforts to mislead congress and the american people continue to take a toll on the president's popularity. a new cbs news poll measuring the president's job job approval at a record low 37%. that is a 9% decline in just the last month. the president now has a record high, 67% approval -- disapproval, rather, which has risen 8% in one month. those horrific numbers have been attributed largely but not exclusively to the failed obamacare rollout. the same poll found only
Nov 17, 2013 3:00am PST
in new mexico a ride they will not soon forget. >>> good morning, everyone. nice to have you with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm martin savage. nice to be with you. it is 6:00 in the morning and this is "new day" sunday. >> so calls for toronto's embattled mayor to resign are getting louder by the second. >> the council has already stripped ford of some of his powers, including his ability to govern during an emergency. despite his watered down position, a defiant ford says that he is not going anywhere. >> tomorrow, he's also set to launch his own television show, with one of his biggest supporters with his brother. for weeks, ford's admission to smoking crack cocaine and his refusal to step down has been the butt of jokes for comedians. >> and last night, the cast of "saturday night live" got their shot at it. they poked fun at ford's erratic behavior, including lewd comments he made on live tv. >> i am sorry for how i have been acting. it is not indicative of my position of mayor in this great town of toronto. >> hey, man, i got what you asked for -- >> hey, not here, okay? let
FOX Business
Nov 25, 2013 7:00pm EST
"the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. we will see you right back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm ashley webster sitting in tonight for lou dobbs. secretary of state racing a deal over the weekend on the iranian nuclear program. it is a deal that has angered members of both parties and some of our closest allies in the middle east. the six month agreement calls for lighter sanctions on tape to allowing them to recoup nearly $7 billion in frozen assets while only pausing their uranium enrichment program without dismantling a single centrifuge. israel's prime minister been to manage and yahoo predictably calling that deal a historic mistake. saudi arabia has reportedly vowed to strike out on its own if peron comes closer to developing a nuclear weapon. republicans and democrats alike blasting the deal and threatening to put a harsh new sanctions on iran despite objections of the white house. that vote could come as early as chief western correspondent to is chosen at the white house with a report. >> defending the nuclear deal the u.s.
Nov 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
. president obama said he'd do it. he said he'd end this relentless push for war. he promised to get us home from afghanistan, promised most of all to abort a war with iran. and now he's gone and done it. and we've got the makings of a deal with tehran. to stop explosive conflict. he's done what he's promised. the total opposite of "w" and dick cheney and the neocons. thank god we're at least trying to do the right thing. and the biggest news is that elections do count. candidate obama said he'd change the direction of foreign policy. now he's done what he said he would. tonight we see the lines of battle on every front. obama's trying peace, the other side pushes towards war. obama's party is pushing for democracy in the u.s. senate, the other side hugs the filibuster and the ready chance for default. obama's trying to provide health care for the 40 million uninsured, the other side proposes nothing while ted cruz, of course, proposes nothing but war at home and abroad. yes, on a clear day like today, you can see forever. and what a choice between obama and his enemies. make your pick. howa
Nov 19, 2013 2:00pm PST
's the scene police found this morning. the story they're piecing together is even more shocking. >>> as the u.s. tries to close a nuclear deal with iran, a split with israel goes very public. i will speak with the president's national security advisor, susan rice. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> this coming into "the situation room." george zimmerman free on $9,000 bail. this is george zimmerman leaving the correctional facility in seminole county, florida, onl a few minutes ago. zimmman peared in court four nter bng acquitted in the killing of trayvon martin. now he's facing a charge of felony aggravated assault on this woman, his girlfriend, samantha scheibe, seen here in facebook photos. she told police zimmerman pointed a shotgun at her, prompting her to call 911. cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin is standing by. let's go straight to alina machado in sanford, florida. what's the latest on george zimmerman? >> reporter: well, as you mentioned, george zimmerman is free on bond tonight. we want to again show you that video of him leaving the correctional facility h
Nov 13, 2013 10:00pm PST
events changed america. that's all for us tonight. anderson cooper reports now live from the philippines. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm anderson cooper reporting tonight from tacloban in the philippines. it is thursday morning here, 9:00 a.m. and a new day has begun. in the last several hours there have been some significant developments to tell you about. yesterday i talked to the marine brigadier general paul kennedy who promised he would be able to get this airport, the runway, up and running on a 24-hour basis. he's fulfilled that promise along with air force personnel who were here on the ground last night for the first time aircraft were coming in during the nighttime hours, able to land and offload supplies. we have actually seen an uptick in aid along the side of the runway from usaid, from the malaysian government, from other places. food aid, medical supplies, and tarps that people can use for shelter. the problem is getting it out from here at the airport to the surrounding communities that are in such desperate need. and it's not just a question of communities far away. i'm
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2013 1:00pm EST
u.s. airways reported with amr making the largest carrier, usair weighs down 8%. the amr stock was five letters, not one we follow closely but a huge pot and the rest of the airline worth noting ahead of 52 week highs named by jetblue and southwest airlines, we have seen a lot of airlines doing well today. we can seize a noted u.s. airways pulling back the 1.9% united continental and jetblue up 4%. let's look at major market averages, the vix, the index to the upside, the dollar higher, dow jones industrials moving records, record close yesterday, the 35record close for the dow jones industrials pulling back 48 points, and that is something we are watching, the ten year, watching closely as they creep higher putting a damper on equity, 2.7% yield. dennis: more in two years since the markets suffered a correction. the more concerned some investors become. despite this the next guest says investors should get invested and stay invested in equities. hank smith is chief investment officer who manages $6.5 billion in assets. welcome and thank you for sharing your insights with us bu
FOX Business
Nov 15, 2013 4:00pm EST
americans in health insurance before the looming deadlines under the obamacare health care law. david: u.s. industrial production unexpectedly fell in october by .1% but underlying data on factories suggested economy remains on a moderate growth path. liz: in the new york region, so-called empire manufacturing index a regional index focusing on new york fell to mine must 2.21. the first negative reading since may which raises concerns about the economy. david: those concerns were not reflected in the market. energy giant conocophillips lost ground in today's trading session after billionaire warren buffett sharply cut his stake in that company, preferring to invest in rival exxonmobil as liz said instead. liz: bill ackman takeing a 10:00% stake in mortgage giant fannie mae and freddie mac through his firm pershing square capital management. david: men's wearhouse got a nice pop in a today's trading after rival joseph a. bank dropped its bid for the retailer. men's warehouse rejected the offer in october calling it opportunistic and inadequate. happy friday, everybody. "after the bell" star
FOX Business
Nov 18, 2013 1:00pm EST
about it being used to launder money. dennis: apple looking to go 3d. is trying to buy the company trying to buy the 3d cameras in the 360 connect. lori: as we get the update every 15 minutes, nicole petallides. major milestones be at nicole: it sure is. record day on wall street. not only a record, but some key milestones. dow 16,000, s&p 1800, that is where the big deal comes in because the truth of the matter is this has been a record year on wall street. the dow on track for its 39th record close on the year. that being said, the vex has done a bit of a turnaround. on friday we saw it at three month lows, three and a half month lows, today up 4.25%. at these levels the are they bee more cautionary on wall street? that being said when you look at the s&p 500, there is resistance at the 1802 level. while 1800 sounds like a great level, the traders and analysts looking at 1802 as the resistance area. lori: thank you so much, nicole. dennis: a stock alert. we are watching of microsoft on a downgrade from comerica merrill lynch. cut in the stock to underperform on neutral citing cha
Nov 16, 2013 3:00am PST
they are to recover. >> well, there is no vaccine for type b meningitis approved here in the u.s. but thousands of students at princeton, they could get an emergency vaccine used in europe now and australia. jessica snyder of wcbs has details for us. >> reporter: health concerns on the princeton university campus are growing. another student was diagnosed with meningitis this week. the seventh since march. >> i think a lost people are concerned for the fact that it didn't go away over the summer after everybody left. >> reporter: and not food and drug administration is coming forward with a way for the school to combat this serious health scare. it's offering using of a vax teen cavaccine called baxsero. students arelieved the ivy league university is being proactive and considering using this new vaccine. >> i think it's proactive. they're definitely having other deaths at other universities. >> reporter: in meantime, university is telling students to wash their hands, not to cough. meningitis can be spread by contact. and symptoms are headaches and rashes. princeton university officials are c
FOX Business
Nov 12, 2013 4:00pm EST
airlines parent and u.s. airways of greece to settlement with the department of justice that were finally allowing the merger to go ahead. finally let this thing go through. david: against those first mergers. talking about that later on. liz: shares of the largest u.s. some builders have a big punch. revenue surged 40%. that is a real number. david: and as part of the third quarter results. adding 305,000 drivers. liz: that new ipad many. does it really engender excitement? david: and they have cut the price. the wireless contract. a new cheaper from tomorrow. "after the bell" starts right now. ♪ liz: that comes in a combination of 200 plus. so when apple comes up with four different colors. david: i think it is priced in half. that is dramatic. liz: this breakdown the day's action. warren financial-services chief investment officer who will tell us why he thinks stocks are ready to hit print is. and joining us from the pits of the cme. the price action today was interesting. look. in nasdaq appears, as these numbers settled, to be the one index above tired, but on a day where we s
FOX Business
Nov 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
is left of it moving across the mid-atlantic. very cool air is moving in behind us. florida, and a cold one eventually all across the eastern seaboard by the morning hours. get ready for a temperature difference. temperatures into the 20s, getting down into the mid-20s all the way toward the blame on. cold temperatures, combined with a lot of the rain that fell on the roads. a lot of the roads will freeze quickly. a dangerous night tonight on some of the roads in tomorrow morning. temperatures starting to cool down towards new york city, warmer towards boston, the front moving through and by midnight, rain and precipitation is gone, but we will see the winds kicking in, we will see some lake effect snow continue and look at your temperatures for tomorrow all the way through the entire day, 20s through much of new england, barely getting to the freezing mark in new york. a cool day across the area. the rest of the country is not much warmer. down towards dallas, cold area here for your thanksgiving in tomorrow, most of the precipitation is gone and we just have to get through the next fe
FOX Business
Nov 27, 2013 8:00pm EST
thanksgiving, we have been running these ads for 18 years. for us, it is a choice that we make for us and our company of 3000 employees. we think it is a national holiday and we want to give our employees time to be home and enjoy their day with their family and friends and loved ones and we want to make a national shopping day which many retailers are changing. >> certainly changing in a record number this year. do you feel that you will lose business as a result? >> that's a tough question to answer. i would think that there will be people shopping on thanksgiving. we hope that our loyal customers recognize that we are close and why we are closed and that there are plenty of times to shop on friday and we open at 6:00 o'clock with the best deals of the year on friday. we do not limit the quantity. so customers are welcome to shop shoppers exam until 11:00 p.m. on friday and there is no reason to do this on thanksgiving. neil: when you open up at 6:00 a.m. on a friday, people actually show up at 6:00 a.m.? >> it is funny. last year we were open out for an because the madness for everybody el
Nov 29, 2013 5:30pm PST
holiday weekend. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. more local news at 6:00. we'll see you then. good night. the stores. the question is are the deals as good as they seem and are they worth the fight? >>> ready or not. on this night before the newest deadline for the government's health care website, what the administration is saying to all those who might try to log on. >>> the longest war. richard engel tonight with u.s. troops in afghanistan where a much-needed holiday break didn't last long and came to a sudden end. >>> and those who serve. for a job that requires heavy lifting, employers are finding it pays to turn to those who carried the load in the past. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. in some places across this country tonight it's as if someone announced we are in danger of running out of stuff and those who need stuff better buy it now because it is going away forever. it is that day on the yearly calendar when people in recovery from thanksgiving head out to be part of a massive crowd streaming through malls and stores, in some cases whipped in
Oct 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
? or is the surrogate closer to the senator -- the father closer to the san than either will let us know? does it matter? or should we ignore the words of this man who's so close to the country's loudest, angriest voice of the right. david corn of mother jones magazine and he broke the story today on cruz sr. and back in september of last year, rafael cruz spoke to a tea party group on behalf of his son who was running for senator at the time. he made a claim about the president of the united states. watch him. >> we have our work cut out for us. we need to send barack obama back to chicago. i'd like to send him back to kenya, back to indonesia. >> according to the senior cruz, president obama is a marxist. let's watch this. >> we have to unmask this man. this is a man that seeks to destroy all concept of god. i tell you what. this is classical marxist philosophy. karl marx very clearly said it. marxism requires we destroy god because government must become god. >> senator cruz's office told mother jones quote, pastor cruz does not speak for the senator. but in fact he often does as a surrogate put out
Nov 20, 2013 6:30pm EST
about something else that jumped out at us. have a look at this. only 7% think the health care law should stay as it is. 48% said that it needs some changes. 43% thinks it should be repealed all together. well, the president only has three years left in his term. i mean, the the health law going to be viable. >> the 43% that want it ripped out, repealed, that's not too much more -- it's not good for the president but it's not too much more than that number was this summer. but the 48% that wants some changes, that explainses why members of the president's party are pushing on him for modifications. what kind of modifications will depend on whether the site is working by the end of the month and whether people are getting signed up in enough numbers. if they're not, there's going to be more pressure on him to fix it. >> pelley: let us bring in bill daley, mr. obama's chief of staff from 2011 to twelve. mr. dalye, this was the president's highest domestic priority. should he have been asking more questions about whether it was going to succeed? >> well, i think it's pretty obvious th
Nov 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
to him a lot. very dear friend to me, i used to talk to him a lot at terminal three. i was injured while helping an elderly man trying to get to a safe area. i turned around and there was a gunman that shot me twice. i was shot in the foot. after i was shot i got to the area where the planes were at. and people were coming towards me and asking were you shot and what is going on. and i was like -- i couldn't -- all i could think about was you know, helping them like you know. i may be injured right now, but the concern is really to take care of you. we don't know where the gunman is at. so i like to make sure people are safe first, don't worry about me. so that is my story. thank you for giving me a chance to tell a little bit what happened to me. thank you. >> a decent guy, in a moment you're going to hear another story, all the developments on the situation today. for that, kyung lah. >> reporter: this is a big strong guy, when i spoke to her grandmother, she said her grandson is in pain, that is going to be a long recovery process for him and the other victims. meanwhile, we are lear
FOX Business
Nov 22, 2013 1:00pm EST
into a potential economic story. lori: this check and with rick joining us from the fox business weather center with the latest on this forecast. when and where. >> well, you got a good start of this. a storm going right now. you will have a storm on wednesday, a couple days more and we will know exactly where. this is you look in your wednesday forecast. a lot of it you will notice, very cool. greens are the airports, no flight problems across the eastern two-thirds of the country. going to see. maybe a slight delay. very significant delays because of the storm is brewing. i will show you how we get to there. temperatures have plummeted. take a look. in the last 24 hours midland, texas, 45 degrees colder than you were yesterday. the cold there is certainly come and all the way down to a crossbar and mexico, at bedtime times around the freezing mark. this is that front. rainy weather, but today we have some high and sank to mislead commix across parts of texas and oklahoma. it is a slow-moving storm. that is why this is the main energy bringing very heavy rain. across parts of arizona and highe
Nov 12, 2013 10:00am PST
by foot. now, the u.s., of course, is at the forefront of the international efforts. u.s. george washington is steaming towards the philippines. eighty aircraft on board, 5,000 personnel. it will get here on thursday. already 200 marines are on the ground assessing the needs and helping get some of that aid in. now, the death toll continues to be speculative. the president aquino gave an interview a short while ago in which he said he now expected it to top out around two and a half thousand. he said the 10,000 we had seen quoted was as he put it an emotional official in the immediate aftermath of the typhoon. but clearly with half a million people displaced, the needs here are urgent and very great. as of yet the aid is not getting in and the quantities needed andrea. >> the center of the distribution efforts, the typhoon stripped hospitals of sources they needed desperately to treat ill and urged. dr. nancy snyderman visited a struggling hospital in hard hit tacloban. >> we tried our best but these are difficult times. >> dr. francis continues to treat the people of tacloban in
Nov 25, 2013 6:00am EST
international correspondent will join us with more on this story in just about 30 minutes. then we'll be talking oil with an energy policy analyst as well. brian, i'll send it over to you. >> becky, thank you very much. it is a big morning here. while we get a check on the broader markets because we have a global melt up. futures indicating a higher open for futures stocks. andrew told you at the top we're on a lucky seven week streak. everything in europe is higher. all the major indexes are on the rise led by germany which is up just under 1%. japan continues to rock. they're leading the way in asia this morning. the nikkei 2.25. they are now up 50% year to date. china not participating. the hang seng and the shanghai down. 10 year treasury note still hovering around 2.75%. the yield is up. the bond is down. the dollar is little changed against the euro. about $1.35 per euro. and gold down 1%. guys, the story is certainly the stock market weakening. japan continues to kick tail. good year. >> becky quick tweeting at 4:00 a.m. this morning? >> i'm not sure. >> it was early. well, a line from a
Nov 30, 2013 6:30am PST
occupations. ken rogath is with us. maggie lake is here with us. ken, which glasses are you wearing when it comes to the u.s. economy? >> i think i have one eye broken lens and one eye rosy. you summarized it well, christine. i think for the next few years, we are still healing a lot of long-term unemployed and divisiveness politically. on the other hand, we have phenomenal strength over the long run in the entrepreneurship. the rest of the world still looks at us with envy. >> that is true. maggie, the rest of the world looks at returns in the stock market with envy. they are also worries. without the fed proposing things up, the bubble could burst. >> i have experts tell me no it is not. it is timing. we are digging out from a big hole. all of the evaluations high. social media and some of those stocks looking rich. when it comes to everything else, corporate balance sheets are good, the economy is growing. it looks like the best game in town. the fed is behind it, but a lot of people think 2014 may be the year when the economy picks up. >> ken last week told us it is a bubble, but it
FOX Business
Nov 27, 2013 1:00pm EST
traveling in the eastern u.s. there have not been a lot of fun but thankfully the worst has already occurred. many of us will be looking at improvement over the next 24 hours but lots to talk about on the busiest travel day of the year, retain close it to the coast, winter remix west of there, snow farther inland, we will wind down through the afternoon. a lot of rainfall from north carolina all the way into maine. you see yellows in the mix indicative of pockets of heavier rain, certainly looking at a localized flooding along parts of the i-95 corridor and improvement in the afternoon in new york city but rain will continue into the evening from boston into parts of new england. you cease and pink starting to develop west of the main band of rain. in a place like new york city the rain could end as a little bit of snow. if that comes down hard enough it could code those roadways albeit briefly so still looking at the potential for slippery travel as we head into the course of the afternoon. the passage of the system will usher in a cold air mass for the eastern two thirds of the country. we
FOX News
Nov 10, 2013 7:00am PST
>> greed is good. >> he's going to stick around with us in our after show show. >> >> paint a giant rick's head. >> that's what i'm working on. >>> no deal to try to stop iran from building a possible nuclear bomb. after three days of marathon talks with iran on its disputed nuclear program, the negotiated ended early this morning without an agreement, and even though iran denies it wants a bomb, the proposed deal does not order iran from stopping uranium enrichment completely but only suspend it for six months, and no agreement on plutonium in richment. the french foreign minister was holding fast, saying he does not want to be part of, quote, a kon game. >> there's a lot of concern on that topic, eric. we'll talk about that and much more. i'm jamie colby. despite the failure to come up with anygreement, both sides say progress made between iran and six other world powers has occurred. according to secretary kerry, time remains of the esngs. >> the window for diplomacy does not stay open indefinitely. and we will continue working to find a pe
Nov 11, 2013 2:00pm PST
notices on their health insurance. take a look at this. >> stephen curry joins us from chicago. kay joiner is in atlanta. they're both businessmen who have lost their health care plans. >> my out of pocket for my family is $3500. and everything else is paid at 100%. the closest thing i could find that's comparable, as they say, was a $12,000 out of pocket for my family. so there's a huge difference in there. and i looked through all the different plans. >> i had my policy in affordable care act for over three-and-a-half years and received a letter stating temperatures going to be cancelled. i called around and found out the same policy would cost me almost $500 a month and i found that not acceptable. i'm a small business owner. i have eight employees. i have to make a payroll every week and that sort of increase is hard to manage. >> now, let me give you the entire story. these two guys, they have clear agendas. let's take the guy on the left. we have here now steven curry, certified financial planner. but hidden at the bottom of his bio is the real reason he appeared on fox news sunday.
FOX Business
Nov 11, 2013 4:00pm EST
it with the help of the u.s. postal service. the program will expand to other big cities next year. david: maybe the private sector will teach the public sector something on this one. >>> shire agreed to buy viropharma for $1.2 billion. shire is doubling down on the bet on drugs that treat rare diseases. liz: there is report that apple may be planning to push back plans for the much rumored high def television to 2015 because of deis lace getting content deals according to npd display search. david: a company swung to the profit of third quarter, compared with a loss year ago, but third quarter revenue did fall. liz: on this veterans day, u.s. marines are in the philippines to help others as usual, right? to help relief efforts after a massive typhoon killed as many as 10,000 people. one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. thousands of people are still missing. "after the bell" starts right now. david: well let's get right to it. a record on the dow today. let's look at today's market action, jason rodman. he will tell us how much higher he thinks the s&p will! on the rest of the year.
FOX Business
Nov 19, 2013 7:00pm EST
they believed they would face this tax, it is going to cost all of us, that is it for tonight's willis report, thank you for joining us, have a great night. lou: we learn what president obama knew and when he knew it. president obama knew about the mckenzie and company report that raised questions about whether would work. and he knew it in march. i am lou dobbs. good evening, the president knew at least 6 months before the launch of the obama wear web site -- obamacare web site. it was aflicked with serious problem had not been properly tested. but that is not stop the president from claiming less than a week ago that he knew nothing about those problems. >> i was not informed correctly that the web site would not be working. as the way it was supposed to, had i been informed i would not go out saying this is going to be great. lou: press secretary jay carney today confirming this our own ed henry that president obama was briefed on the mackenzie respect findings in march of this year. carney's admission contradicts the president. and mr. own statement last we
FOX Business
Nov 26, 2013 1:00pm EST
. what have you got for us? >> reporter: i enjoyed watching some of that gambling video, looks like fun. all up arrows. no record on the dow, no record on the s&p today. i know you're used to me saying it, but not yet or not today. but for the nasdaq you've got the record, okay? 4,017, a new intraday record that we haven't seen since the year 2000. all three have up arrows, the nasdaq up one-half of 1%. the vixx, the fear indeck, pulling back a little bit. let's take a look at some names that are hitting new highs, right? i said no record highs on the dow, but you do have on the nasdaq. walmart and nike, these are dow components that hit highs, american express and also travelers, macy's not a dow component. new highs also some others worth noting, southwest airlines hit a high, pulled back. we'll watch that, obviously, as people are trying to get where they need to go for turkey day. hormel and also tiffany's and cvs, care mark, rite aid, men's warehouse and lazy boy. that's what you lay back in after your turkey. adam: nicole, thank you. thanksgiving at risk for the millions traveling
FOX News
Nov 30, 2013 3:00am PST
to a rocky start. james rosen is live for us in washington with the very latest. veins? >> tucker, handna, and clayton, good morning. you know, it's only in these pre-dawn post thanksgiving hours we feel safe here on fox news in quoting neil young, it wasn't supposed to go down this way. the much balihooed relaunch not official relaunch of outage from 8 last night to 8 this morning. that's seven hours longer than the usual daily outage time. the services for medicaid and medicare services the division of health and human services department that administered the web site announced the extended deadline a few hours before mid night without any explanation or how serious setback it represents for the long troubled online portal participation in president obama's signature law. administrators do boast some improvements since problems when the web site first materialized in a big way. to wit the after launch time 8 seconds now down to 1 second. pages are said to be loading incorrectly 1% of the time. more visual cues have been added for smoother navigation of the overall site. m
Nov 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
the reader how good politics still can be. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. "60 minutes" had all weekend to prepare for its big apology and clarification, and most importantly, explanation of how it put a dodgy eyewitness on the air with a now discredited story about the attacks on americans in benghazi, libya. but when viewers tuned in last night, they did get an apology, but that was about it. the legendary cbs news show, "60 minutes," is in damage control mode in a way it hasn't been in almost a decade. >> tonight, you'll hear for the first time from a security officer who witnessed the attack. >> on october 27th, it broadcast a report on benghazi, using a so-called eyewitness, suggesting the u.s. government could have sent backup to the besieged u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, during the attack that killed four americans last year. >> one guy saw me. he just shouted. i couldn't believe that he had seen me because it was so dark. he started walking towards me. >> and a
Nov 18, 2013 10:00am PST
in the basement and then it just went right over us. >> scott, you are so lucky you had a basement to hide in. i know you must look at your loved ones when the storm passes by. you're counting everybody, making sure everybody is all right, but when you open that door to the basement and head up into your home, what did you see? >> i couldn't believe it, matt, i'll tell you. my neighbors' houses. i couldn't believe it. so we went around going to all my neighbors' houses looking for survivors. i just couldn't believe it. i've got cars and trees. my '07 galant is three houses down. i've got neighbors crawling out of the basements. my son went and helped a gentleman, a neighbor whose roof had caved in on them. it was this eerie silence with when everybody got out and all hell broke loose. >> joining me is indiana governor mike pence. i know you've been touring the damage. what is the situation now in indiana? >> the situation now in indiana is we have about 22 counties that have property damage or have a confirmed report of a touchdown of a tornado. this was a very dangerous, very fast moving storm.
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